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For the Sick

Blessed is the one who comes in my name, for I will come to him in truth and righteousness. I AM mighty to overcome and save. The Lord Your God will conquer all. Do you not know? Have you not heard of the Strong Arm of the Lord? It is I, even I, who rescues you. Mighty is my name! Will you bow down to other gods before me, or will you come to me and be healed?

What Are You Waiting For?

The Lord said: Go to the doors. The doors are open before you.

(I asked the Lord how to recognize a door, and I asked him to explain the concept of doors to me.  I have heard various prophets speaking about them lately, and I did not understand the significance.)

The Lord said: The doors are full of light. They are an escape from the darkness. They are the path to me. See, I have placed before you an open door. Step into the light. Come out of the darkness. See fully! See me in all my glory. A door is easy to step into. It is not like climbing through a window. An open door is an invitation. See, I invite you. But you must come in. You must step through.

When you step through my door, I will be there to meet you. Do not be afraid. I will not leave you alone in a strange room, for I love you. I would not invite you in if it were not so.

How great is my love for you, that I would give my only son over to death to redeem you from the enemy! Love me, too. I desire your love greatly, as a groom desires his bride. Give me all of you, and I will give you all of me. Call out, for I am here! Give thanks, for I am good. I am goodness itself, and I want nothing but good for you.

My love is greater than all that is in the heavens or earth. It is my purpose and my plan that you should step into it and taste of my goodness and my love, for you are my chosen. Now choose me.  Come, and do not delay, for I love you!

Do not keep me waiting any longer, for I have waited for you until now with an ache in my heart–unrequited love. Do you think that I cannot feel pain? I can, and I ache for you! I long for you to come to me so I can bless you, so I can love you, so we may be bride and groom. Such is my love for you. Hear and believe, for it is so. What are you waiting for?

The Lord God Says the Hand that Formed the Heavens Will Now Touch The Earth

No one sees, no one hears, but by my hand, says the Lord. My hand is upon you.

Tell my people The Lord God says to them: the hand that formed the heavens will now touch the earth. Tell my people they must  not cease to pray, lest they be taken unaware. Woe to those who are not ready. But my faithful I will protect.

You think you are faithful, but you are not, for my church has become polluted in the land. Seek me now so that you may live. Call on me, and I will answer you. For I love you with a love greater than any in all the earth.

My love is eternal, says the Lord, and the earth is not. Therefore ask me, and I will change your perspective.  But you must come to me in spirit and in truth. Do not rely on man to lead you to me. Seek me yourself. Ask me for dreams, visions  and miracles and see what will happen. Ask me to quicken your ear to my voice, and I will lead you in the way of truth.

Study diligently my word. Ask me to reveal its meaning to you, and I will. I will show you things you have never seen before. Ask and pray, and do not delay! Seek me while I may be found, for I love you, and I will make you clean.

Come to me. Come.

Be Ready, for I will Deliver the Faithful

Come, my people, and see who I am. The Lord says to you: Speak! For I am listening. Do you not know this? Do you think your words are ignored as they pass by my throne? They are not! My ear is attentive to your needs. Give thanks, for I am good. I am King over all Heaven and earth, and yet I listen to you.  Therefore, pray always, without ceasing. Whither thou goest, and whither thou comest, I am also there.

Call on me in your time of need, and I will answer, says the Lord. Lift up your hands to the heavens in prayer and see what I will do. For I am mighty, and I will be silent no longer. Rejoice, my people, for the time of your salvation is come! Lift up your eyes and see–see what I will do in all the earth. Shout it to the mountaintops–that the Lord is good to those who love him in spirit and in truth.

But woe to the unbelievers and those who are too easily distracted by worldly cares. Lovers of money, ease, and filth have no place in my kingdom. Examine your hearts. Bring them before me, and I will purify them. Call out, for I may be found by those who seek me in truth.

Now is the time to seek, to prepare. Lift up your eyes, for I am near. I will not forsake my righteous ones. Believe, that you may be saved. The enemy seeks to set a trap for you, but do not walk into it. Guard your hearts, so that you may not fall. Seek truth. Seek light. Meditate on my word diligently, and you will escape. For I will speak to you in these times, and my words are life.

Listen–can you hear my voice? It calls to you even now. For you know not what the times may bring or when disaster will strike, but my hand delivers from all. Therefore, be ready. Be full in my word, and I will sustain you. Be ready, I say, for you know not what the times will bring. But I will deliver the faithful.